A few examples of what has been accomplished:

Ellen Has Changed My Life

Ellen Has Changed My Life Dramatically

” Working with Ellen has changed my life dramatically.  My brain is clearer and stronger.  I am more confident in problem solving and approaching new ventures.  Her approach has paved the way for me to develop healthier relationships and better self esteem.  At the same time, I am becoming less fearful, less worried, and less dependent on others’ approval.  I feel more free and eager to embrace the challenges of an unknown future.  Spending time with Ellen is magical.”

G. K.
Shaker Heights, OH

Growth of Business and Romantic Healing

Growth of Business and Romantic Healing

“I was in a really tough spot in 2020 after needing to move in with family to navigate some changes in my business. I was also struggling emotionally after dealing with a pretty painful relationship ending in which I never got “closure.” I knew I needed some sort of energy healing but I wasn’t sure what or how or what.

Working with Ellen, I was able to clear a lot of mental blocks I had to taking the risks I needed to in my business to succeed. I was able to make a dramatic leap forward financially through the energy work we did together, and I wasn’t stopped by my past limiting beliefs or procrastination tendencies. I made the money I needed to move out of my family’s house and got a lot of my confidence back when it comes to working.

Ellen also helped me heal quite a bit from the bad relationship situation, and I’m finally, feeling open and ready to allow something new to enter my love life.”

P.  S.

Exactly What I Need

Exactly What I Need

“All the doctors I go to do not give me the help I get with Ellen. It’s extremely rare to get exactly what you need and, yet, I get that every time I go to Ellen whether I’m sick or I’m in pain or I’m struggling emotionally. I get exactly what I need every time I see her.”

A. H.
Kirtland Hills, OH

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

“I started to see Ellen twice a month for several reasons that had plagued me for a couple of years. I had sciatic pain. I had shoulder pain. I was walking with a cane and had to hold onto my husband because my balance was so bad after surgery on my ankle. I was also wearing a tailor made ankle brace and using orthotics in my shoes. After seeing Ellen for a few months, I now walk without a cane, without holding onto my husband, without my ankle brace, and without orthotics! The sciatic pain is gone. My shoulder pain is gone. I am now walking without pain and with stability. My dizziness has disappeared. Every part of my body feels better! I’m very grateful to Ellen. Her treatments were the only therapies I pursued so I know it was all her work!”

T. D.
Mentor, Ohio

Scoliosis and Kyphosis Treatment

Scoliosis & Kyphosis Treatment

Results achieved after a few months of energy work on a 14 year old boy. (8 degree improvement on Scoliosis and 17 degree improvement on Kyphosis).

Scoliosis & Kyphosis - image 2  Scoliosis & Kyphosis Before and After - image 1  Scoliosis & Kyphosis - image 3

Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis Treatment

We offer a non-surgical, complementary and alternative treatment for scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis.

This photo shows the results achieved on an eight-year-old girl with scoliosis and kyphosis.

A. D.
Huntington Beach, CA


Psoriatic Arthritis, Viruses, Psoriasis, Emotional Health

“I was referred to Ellen by my M.D. for my psoriasis, my psoriatic arthritis, to strengthen my immune system, to tackle some long-standing viruses, and to help me with my anxiety.  I’ve been seeing her once a month for a year and now my life is moving in an amazing direction with my health, my personal life, family life, and business!

I’ve made more progress with Ellen than with any other health care professional I’ve ever worked with.  I know Ellen really cares and has my best interest as her priority.  And I’m very grateful for all Ellen has done.”

M. C.
Highland Heights, OH


Scoliosis Treatment

scoliosis and spine curve correction | Ellen Condren, Cleveland, Ohio“My sixteen year old son has scoliosis. In three sessions, his spine has improved dramatically. Every time we leave Ellen’s office, his back is noticeably straighter and less twisted. It’s becoming more and more difficult to see the original curve. She simply touches him while he lays on her table and manages to trigger his nervous system to release the deformity. I’m so grateful.”

M. C.
Cleveland, OH


Heart Disease

“Under the compassionate direction of Ellen:
1) my long standing congenital asymptotic Wolff Parkinson White syndrome disappeared. It did not show up in my EKG anymore.
2) Echocardiogram of my low cardiac output syndrome shows marked improvements, close to the low normal level. Labile BP stabilized.
3) symptoms and signs of my rheumatoid arthritis improved.
4) fogginess disappeared. My thoughts are more focused.
5) inflammation improved.
6) I now have more out-going personality. I am more open to my friends. I enjoy my life more.”

Retired Anesthesiologist
Mayfield Village, OH

T. H.

Mental, Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

“Ellen is truly a gifted healer. She has helped me with a variety of issues, on many levels. In fact, her work truly reveals how the mental/emotional and physical are one – not separate – and how our mind deeply influences our physical well being. I can see and feel a noticeably positive difference in my overall health and consciousness after working with her. She eliminates unnecessary suffering that we all add to our lives (without even realizing it) and removes obstacles to the joy, peace and freedom that is our natural birthright. I have worked with many healers over the past three decades, but I have never met anyone as comprehensive and gifted as Ellen. Her exquisite skill and deep compassion are exceptional and unparalleled. Since working with her, I am happier, more positive and more empowered. She has been the greatest investment I’ve ever made in my overall health and well-being, and I can’t recommend her enough! ”

E. T.
Cleveland, OH

Lordosis and Kyphosis

Lordosis and Kyphosis

Results for lordosis and kyphosis after four sessions.


Terry C

Consciousness Raising

“I have been a Karuna Master and Teacher since 1999 and have seen the benefits of this beautiful healing modality on my clients repeatedly. However, since receiving Ellen’s quantum healing work and consciousness expanding work, my level of consciousness has been notably raised and I have noticed not only an increase in the power and depth of my Reiki sessions but my clients have experienced profound healing on emotional levels that they have been striving for a long time.

I highly recommend Ellen to all Reiki practitioners to elevate your work. She can not only raise your consciousness but can also dissolve your ego issues to bring your work to a higher level.”

Terry C.
Twinsburg, OH


Alleviating Suffering

“I am so grateful to Ellen for her healing gift and presence. To be in her presence is healing in itself as she is completely absorbed in my story and in alleviating my suffering. The combination of her different techniques has helped me so much. And I have learned ways to better care for my body and spirit. There is even peace regarding my mother’s untimely passing. Ellen is truly a gift.”

S. S.
Akron, OH

J. S.

Medial Meniscus, Lateral Meniscus and ACL Tears

“A little over a year ago, I destroyed my right knee. Diagnosed with tears in both my medial and lateral meniscii AND an ACL tear, I began months of physical therapy in an effort to avoid surgery. Physical therapy produced poor results–my pain increased daily and began to disrupt my sleep; swelling limited my range of motion and required several sessions of ice each day for relief; but, most disturbing was the ever-present sense of instability. I finally started looking forward to surgery!

Then a trip to Cleveland changed my life. After a single healing session with Ellen Condren, the pain of simple movement was gone — I could walk up and down stairs easily and bend my knee into a squatting position. But best of all, the unsettling sense of instability had vanished. My leg felt strong again. Ellen has a gift. Simply by placing her hands on my knee, she removed the pain and swelling and restored function. I am no longer considering surgery and am confident that I can resume my active lifestyle!”

J. S.
Boston, MA

E. S.

Limited Beliefs and Emotional Traumas

“I am very grateful to Ellen for working with me in such a manner that my self-limiting beliefs were removed and my emotional traumas healed. Now I can realize my potential, and I’ve never felt happier or more at peace. Yes, it took half a year, but this was after twenty years of other therapies, both conventional and alternative, that did little for me. This was money well spent and a true investment in my longterm health and well-being from which others are now benefitting as well. Thank you Ellen for helping me build the confidence to face life with joy.”

E. S.
Strongsville, OH

J. F.

Fears and Phobias

“I have many fears and phobias, but lately the one causing me the most anxiety was driving. Each day became very difficult for me because I couldn’t avoid driving, and the thought of getting behind the wheel was such an ordeal for me. After one session with Ellen my life changed! I no longer felt anxiety when driving, and certain situations that used to make me panic on the road were no longer an issue. My days are so much easier now that I no longer have this huge amount of anxiety driving every day!”

J. F.
Willoughby, OH

M. C.

General Health and Consciousness Raising

“I am a physician with a great interest in metaphysics. I have gone to Ellen to improve my general health and elevate my spiritual existence. She has been a miracle worker in both areas. My general health has improved significantly. I feel more positive and energetic. I had many allergies which have gone. My consciousness and spiritual existence are operating at a higher level. Ellen is a gift to humanity. I cannot express in words the positive effects she has had on my life. I highly recommend Ellen as a outstanding intuitive energy healer.”

M. C.
Mayfield Village, OH

T. C.

Pain Reduction

“For the past two years, I have experienced pain in my arm that radiated between my elbow and hand. I tried several therapies (repeatedly) over those two years with no results. After 90 minutes with Ellen, I had thorough relief and have been pain free ever since. She is now helping me with other areas including allergies and toxins and I am sure I will have the same success in those areas. She is compassionate and dedicated in the true sense of the word “healer.” I highly recommend Ellen.”

T. C.
Solon, OH


Hearing Disability

“Ellen has already reversed my hearing disability that I have had since birth after only 4 sessions and I plan on working with Ellen on other issues. Thank you Ellen!”

C. J. R.
Cleveland, OH



“As a Podiatric surgeon and thousands of hammertoe surgeries, I was astounded by Ellen’s straightening of grossly contracted hammertoes with hands on only. This is a Healer of extraordinary blessings. I am personally amazed by her medical results- world class person as well.”

Dr. Kirk Allen, DPM
Monterey, CA

P. R.

Allergy Elimination

“I went to Ellen seeking help with my allergies. Not only did she help me with those but she uncovered the more fundamental issues AND helped me to recover my marriage, which was disintegrating … way more helpful than anything I had anticipated. Unlike other healers, I found her to be dedicated to helping me and extremely resourceful.”

P. R.
Pepper Pike, OH


Neck Pain

“Ellen combines a unique power of healing with a well studied research mentality that allows her to get to the heart of your problems — in my case, a lingering pain-point or malady.

Throat surgery left me with a chronically stiff neck and now I have virtually full movement thanks to a couple of visits to Ellen. If you want healing results and not sure who to turn to next, I highly recommend her.”

Robert P.
Carmel, CA


Back Pain

“I have had bad back issues since 1998 from a sledding accident. Last year my back was so bad I literally could not move out of my bed! My husband called Ellen over to my house and she got down on her knees and put each hand under my back and told me to just breathe..within minutes I felt this warm sensation move across my lower back as Ellen held her hands in place beneath me.. I have no other words to explain this other than to tell you that soon after I could move and freely I might add. I was in complete shock; it made a total believer out of me.. I have since fallen on the ice and injured my neck and Ellen healed my neck.. I have gone to several chiropractors over the years and to avail…until Ellen. This is not the conventional way that we are all used to, but I’m telling you she has a true gift…

Recently, My foot near my toes was very tight and very painful to walk on; within a short time Ellen had that straightened out and I have been good ever since. Once again, she is worth her weight in gold….I know that body work is only a fraction of what she does..I am a true believer in Ellen’s ability with Quantum Healing.”

Mary L,
Chagrin Falls, OH


Lazy Eye

“I am so happy that Ellen was able to help resolve a lazy eye issue with my son. She was able to help my son regain focus in his eyes that improved his vision and his reading ability. He can now read and perform his music much better. He is less exhausted when he is doing his homework. This problem is completely gone.”

P. L.
Shaker Heights, OH


Hip Pain

“I recently suffered a repetitive use injury to my left hip, resulting in pain and loss of mobility. My physician prescribed physical therapy, I was told it would simply take “a long time” for the injury to fully heal. After five weeks of PT and continued discomfort and limping I decided to visit with Ellen in the summer of 2014. This was my first experience with a healer. I was a little skeptical, however after 30-45 minutes of treatment I was able to walk without a limp or pain! I found Ellen to be extremely attentive and knowledgeable, and she was extremely patient with my curiosity and questions. Truly amazing.”

W. M.
Andover, MA



“I have seen Ellen off and on for several years. I began working with her to eliminate allergies and allergic reactions that I was having to certain foods. This process worked so well I expanded into other areas. We worked on several autoimmune disorders and today I look and feel so much better. My health has improved significantly.”

P. L.
Shaker Hts, OH

C. R.

Knee Pain

“I am in my late 50s, an attorney, who lives an active life. Two years ago, I developed a problem with my right knee. For six weeks, I was in pain, discomfort and walked with a limp. I saw Ellen for this condition. She merely held my knee for 5-10 minutes. She said that she could feel my knee shifting back into place. After she released my knee, the pain was gone and I no longer limped. The pain has not returned.”

C. R.
Cleveland Heights, OH


“I have worked with Ellen and had amazing results! She is an awesome healer and Cleveland is lucky to have her.”

Paula R.
San Anselmo, CA

A. N.

Scoliosis and Herniated Discs

“I was very surprised by my results after my first appointment with Ellen! I have scoliosis and 2 herniated discs that cause constant discomfort. After seeing Ellen for one session I felt a significant decrease in my back pain! We measured the curve of my spine before and after our session, and what a difference! I even felt like I was standing taller and straighter. I highly recommend Ellen. She is very kind and good at what she does!!”

A. N.
Willoughby, OH

E. P.

Chronic Illness

“Ellen has been working on me for four years. She has been my go-to person for those annoying, hard to get at things. Sometimes it is for an emotional issue I am working through, sometimes for a physical imbalance in my body. She has also worked on my kids and helped with allergies and other persistent ailments. When I don’t know what to do, her work is so effective! It is transformative in the moment and beyond.”

E. P.
Germantown, NY

D. L.

“Ellen is excellent at what she does!! She has helped me restore my health so I can function at my best. I have more energy, I am stronger and I feel great. She was able to analyze what is happening with my body and created a specific plan for me. Her suggestions are right on target and easy to do. She has made a very positive impact on my life and I am so happy that we met!”

D. L.
Shaker Heights, OH


Emotional Well Being, Loss, Abandonment

“Ever since my session with Ellen, I am doing freaking great!! It took all of my pain away … from everyone leaving me and me being hurt by it. Now I see there was a reason they were there and now its not needed. Its hard to do through words but Ellen helped in so many ways from us meeting just that once.”

T. E.
Mentor, OH


Physical and Psychological Trauma

“I first consulted Ellen after experiencing physical and psychological trauma of being hit by a car. Within a few sessions, my body was more relaxed and better able to heal and I didn’t worry any more about crossing the street. Since then, Ellen has helped me with a variety of other physical and emotional issues. I have been able to refer others to her who have received equally successful results! Her work is top notch. She is professional, personable, and compassionate. I always look forward to seeing her and the work we do together.”

K. R.
Beachwood, OH


Chronic Illness

“In a short 6 months working with Ellen, I have healed from many long term conditions which no other medical modality was able to cure. This journey of healing, physically and emotionally, was accomplished with no drugs nor invasive procedures – only through universal guidance, focused energies, rife frequencies, the right herbals, and the power of Ellen’s empathic devotion and gifts in support of my commitment to heal. The journey with Ellen is an accelerated path to not only healing, but empowering the individual with lifetime skills to own and create a fulfilling future.”

B. K.
Aurora, OH


Sinusitis and Allergies

“I was diagnosed with sinusitis by my GP many years ago. I was told that there was no cure and that I’d have to manage the symptoms the rest of my life. It had been especially bad this past year. Both Ellen and my new GP had suggested that it is actually allergies.

Ellen did her allergy elimination work and my sinuses cleared up within a matter of days. It’s a couple months later now, and I can honestly say my sinuses still feel normal for the first time in years.”

B. E.
Cleveland Hts, OH

D. M.

“As a result of my sessions with Ellen, my life is so much better.  I feel so empowered and free!”

D. M.
Bainbridge, OH