Ellen is an alternative and integrative medicine practitioner in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ellen uses theta wave state healing and quantum healing techniques. The techniques she uses can identify and correct the underlying factors of your unique condition, whether you have a specific diagnosis or an unspecified ailment.

Ellen addresses spinal deformities and other orthopedic conditions as well as diseases, infections, allergies, autoimmune disorders, physical pain, and psychological or emotional distress. Her techniques are powerful and effective, yet noninvasive.

If you would like to discuss your condition, please contact Ellen.

“Ellen is a rare find – a retired lawyer, a mother, a healer.  Effectively moving beyond conventional methods, she directs a deeper level of healing.  Science is the tool she uses.  In fact, quantum physics is her world.  Directing her genius toward healing has allowed her to lift many out of long term struggles – actually, struggles that they couldn’t understand, couldn’t figure out because they arose from the subconscious.  Ellen can touch that.  She can help reach into the actual space deeper than the mind.  

Using quantum physics and then specifically quantum entanglement, Ellen can identify and shift unwanted behaviors and belief systems.  She can support the body’s innate healing wisdom.  With her touch, clients can soften tight muscles, lessen the twist of a crooked spine and strengthen the body’s ability to surpass cancer.  It is real.  Ask Einstein.  Everything is energy.  Everything is vibration.  It’s powerful.  Her healing work is unsurpassed.”   

Martha Hackett, M.D.

Ellen Condren, J.D., D.D.
Energy Healer